Kuang-hui lang's chairman "meritorious entrepreneurs" title

        the company was awarded the honorary title of "meritorious entrepreneur" comrade kuang-hui lang, this is comrade kuang-hui lang for four consecutive years won the title.Our company was awarded the "social insurance pay advanced unit", "advanced science and technology innovation enterprise", "brand to create advanced unit", "foreign trade and economic cooperation work advanced unit" honorary title.

        In 2014, under the concern and support of superior party committee, government, under the correct leadership of the board of directors of the company, the company from top to bottom solidarity, long, to adapt to the new normal, bold innovation, constantly to overcome difficulties, overcome all sorts of challenges, achieved the expected results, ensure the sustainable and healthy development of enterprises, made a new contribution to the local economy and social undertakings.

         In 2015, the company all staff would be one hundred times more confidence, closely around the goals and tasks of the year, to as, responsible for, to take on responsibilities, solidarity, solid work, promote enterprise realize new leap forward.
Shandong pre-baked anode production center, vice general manager of comrade Zhou Guojing on behalf of the company attended the two meetings of cities or counties.