Good News—The Technology Center of Sunstone is identified as National Enterprise Technology Center

Good News—The Technology Center of Sunstone is identified as National Enterprise Technology Center
   Recently, the evaluation result of “2017-2018 National Enterprise Technology Center” was officially announced by National Development and Reform Commission. The technology center of Sun-stone Development Co., Ltd stood out as “National Enterprise Technology Center”.
     National Enterprise Technology Center is jointly selected by National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs and State Administration for Taxation, which is mainly focused on the enterprises with strong capability of technology innovation and play a role of demonstration lead. It shows the height of the enterprise in technology innovation and fully reflects the comprehensive strength of the enterprise.
      After the final evaluation, among the list of the enterprises from Shandong Province except Qingdao City applied for “2018 National Enterprise Technology Center”, only four were selected and Sunstone Development Co., Ltd was one of them. From now on, Sunstone is a enterprise with many research and development platforms of National Enterprise Technology Center, Provincial Engineering Research Center, Engineering Laboratory, Academician Workstation, Innovation Center for Postdoctoral Personnel and National Lab certified by CNAS. In these years, Sunstone keeps on technology research and development which are mainly about circular economy of comprehensive use of resources, property of GPC, new carbon material and research of high-level carbon products, and yield the substantial results. Through taking advantage of new technologies to renovate the conventional industries and to drive the transformation and upgrading of the conventional industries, which derivatives emerging industries and forms new momentum for development, Sunstone makes great contribution on technical innovation and upgrading. It fully embodies that with the development of its own business, Sunstone promotes the overall scientific research level and  innovation ability of the industry.
In the future, Sunstone will make full use of the advantage of Enterprise Technology Center, insist on promoting technology progress by technical innovation, further strengthen the core competitiveness and sustainable development and improve the capability of technical innovation. Based on new products, new technology, new situation of the industry and the innovation and reform of the mode, Sunstone will lead the development of the industry, driving the progress of the industrial technology and the improvement of innovation capability.